There are lots of things living in your garden and local parks or wild areas. Take part in the scavenger hunt to see what you can find. Will you be able to complete the hunt?

Our Scavenger Hunt and activity sheets ensure that the whole family can take part in the weekend fun, and have some time away from screens. Head outside to see what you can find!

Look for animals and plants with the Wildlife Activity Sheet. See what you can find living around you! Then solve the puzzles on the back of sheet. Use the Sensory Activity Sheet to use your other senses to explore. Hunt out smells, textures and more! On the back of this sheet you can use chalks, paints or whatever you have at home to take bark rubbings and make your own nature crown.

Choose one, or pick and mix. Whichever you like! Both sheets are for all ages, so you can choose which would suit you best.

You can complete the Hunt or Challenges at any time, but be sure to share them with us on the weekend of May 20th – 22nd to be in with a chance to win a prize! More info below.

What’s pictured in the Wildlife Activity Sheet?

From the top, left to right: pine cone, dandelion, snail, nettle, mushroom, catkins (silver birch), butterfly (peacock butterfly), spider, caterpillar, leaf (sycamore), squirrel (red squirrel), fern, ladybird (7 spotted), bird (goldfinch), flower (bluebell).

Choose your own difficulty challenge. Make it easier by looking for the broad category (eg leaf, bird), or harder by looking for the exact match (eg sycamore, goldfinch). Mix and match for the most fun!

A note on catkins: Silver birch trees in May should have both catkins and leaves present. Catkins can be found on many different types of tree. In May, look for them on silver birch, oak, and white willow. They can look different on each tree!

Download and print at home. If you can, please print double sided. Alternatively, request one to be posted to you. Orders for postage will close Sunday 15th May at midnight. All requests will posted on Monday 16th in time for the following weekend. Please place your order below.

Postage for this year is now closed! If you can, please print off your sheets at home. Groups, such as schools and clubs, are more than welcome to take part too.

Enter our Draw to Win a Prize

We’d love to see your completed Scavenger Hunt or Bio Challenge. Post a photo on Twitter or Instagram with #BioHunt. Tag us on Twitter @IrishEnvNet or Instagram @national.biodiversity.week.

All posts will be entered into a draw to win a prize from the National Biodiversity Data Centre!* To help you in your future identification, you can win an ID swatch of your choice!

*Each username will be entered into the draw once. Two prizes available.