National Biodiversity Week is all about connecting you with nature. It’s about communicating the importance of biodiversity and providing motivation to play your part in protecting it.

It’s also about entertainment! Find fun and wonder outdoors with ten days of celebration!

National Biodiversity Week is organised by the Irish Environmental Network (IEN), with thanks to funding from the National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS). Events are run by IEN member groups, as well as by Heritage Officers and other local groups.

We are delighted to be celebrating Ireland’s natural diversity with in person activities and online events. We will publish details of all events on our calendar and social media. There are events covering all interests, from the ocean to the mountain tops. Join in to celebrate our Nature and Biodiversity with a range of family-friendly activities.

There’s lots to see and lots to learn, so dive in to the events and see what interests you.

With thanks to our funders, the National Parks and Wildlife Service, we are looking forward to enjoying this huge range of in-person and online events for this years National Biodiversity Week.

Featured image credit: Seal Surfing Ashore, by Aoife Doyle