May 17th – 26th

Wondering what that plant is? Who that insect is visiting your flowers? Maybe you’ve seen an unknown bird at your feeder, or strange creatures at your local waterway or park. Explore your local area to discover fabulous flora and fauna! Our ecologists and wildlife experts will identify it for you!

Ask Our Experts

Ask our ecologists and experts to identify what you’ve found! They will be on hand to ID your finds throughout the week.

Simply share your photo on Twitter or Instagram with #BackyardBioblitz, and tag us on Twitter @IrishEnvNet or Instagram @national.biodiversity.week

Don’t forget you can add your finds to the national database which will help biodiversity conservation in Ireland! Find out how below.

Bonus Prize!

As a bonus to the weekend, we are giving away an identification swatch from the National Biodiversity Data Centre. All usernames who tag us over the weekend on Twitter or Instagram will be entered into a draw. Two winners will win a swatch of their choice!

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Contribute to the National Database

The National Biodiversity Data Centre is the national centre for the collection, collation, management, analysis and dissemination of data on Ireland’s biological diversity. Your photos are important for the creation of a database of information which is freely available to better understand and protect Ireland’s biodiversity.

How to add your photos

Help out by adding your photos to the national database. Download the app to upload photos on the go, or upload them from your computer. You can upload them here:

Are you completely new to biodiversity and data recording? Watch the video below which will show you how to upload your records online.

Introducing Ireland’s Citizen Science Portal – Why and how to record our species

Identification Guides

After our experts ID your find, you can add it to the national database through the link above!

You can continue to ID finds even after the Backyard Bioblitz though. The National Biodiversity Data Centre has lots of helpful identification guides. Soon you will be the expert!

View and print your own Biodiversity Posters, including Butterflies, Bumblebees, Shieldbugs, Wetlands, Woodlands and Farm.

Featured image credit: Are You Looking At Me, by Pat Somers