sunset kayak West Cork
To celebrate the launch of National Biodiversity Week 2017, we are offering people the chance to win two tickets to its spectacular Flagship Event: a moonlight kayak to witness the astonishing bioluminescence on Lough Hyne in West Cork, Europe’s first ever marine nature reserve.

The event will be led by Jim Kennedy, local expert and owner of Atlantic Sea Kayaking. It will take place at 9pm on Wednesday, 17th May and will last approximately 3 hours. It is gentle and atmospheric, and is suitable for beginners.

To be in with a chance of winning this unique opportunity, contestants are asked to like and share our Facebook page and send an email with their name and address to Please note that tickets are only available for Biodiversity Week’s Flagship event at Lough Hyne.

“There is always something to make you gasp on the moonlight kayak trip, whether it be the silhouette of the seabirds on the bank, the red sunset, the whole panoply of stars overhead, the moonlight reflected on the water, or, at certain times of year, the astonishing bio-luminescence.

“This is a light emitted by marine life, which, from the paddler’s point of view, causes the water to light up around your paddle in 1,000 tiny lights. Protecting the habitat means that we enjoy it at its most pristine and beautiful best, and we know that those coming after us will benefit from it as well”. – Jim Kennedy

About Lough Hyne


Located 5km from Skibbereen, Lough Hyne is a seawater lake renowned for its extraordinary biodiversity and unique habitats. It was a freshwater lake up until 4,000 years ago, when sea levels rose and flooded it with salty ocean water through a narrow creek known as ‘The Rapids’.

This has resulted in an unusual habitat of warm oxygenated seawater, which sustains a spectacular variety of marine plants and animals including 72 species of fish, 73 kinds of sea slug and more than 100 sponges. Many of these species are not native to Ireland and are not found anywhere else on the island.


The lough is home to phytoplankton which emit light at night called bioluminescence, bringing the water to life with pale blue lights. According to previous visitors, a night kayak on Lough Hyne feels like you are ‘paddling through the stars’.


In 1981 Lough Hyne was named Europe’s first ever marine nature reserve. Today, it has become one of the most studied slices of marine environment in the world and acts as the perfect location to launch Biodiversity Week 2017.


Lough Hyne