Blessington Wood Guided Biodiversity Walk with the Native Woodland Trust

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Celebrate National Biodiversity Week with us with help from the Irish Environmental Network! Join our local branch members as we explore our Blessington wood nature reserve in Wicklow We plan to meet at Poulaphouca car park on Saturday 18th May at 10am. From there, we’ll follow the greenway on foot to our Blessington wood reserve. Led by Jeremy Case from the Native Woodland Trust, with help from wildlife enthusiast Coilin Maclochlain, an exciting morning lies in wait full of wonder. To take time to appreciate and celebrate Ireland’s natural heritage. Along the Greenway we will explore some splendid sights, including of the Poulaphouca reservoir, and learn about some of the special ancient and mystical trees dotted along the path. Once on site, we’ll explore our woodland and the ongoing project to rejuvenate what was a grey field site. We’ll learn more about Irish trees and the native woodland habitat, as well as how ReWilding can play a crucial role in restoring Irish woodlands lost to time. We’ll make sure to pay the dry grassy banks a special visit, along the marsh edges, to examine in detail the wonderful pollinator and other insect species that have come to call this reserve home. Once we are back to the carpark, we’ll have a small picnic lunch together. We hope that you may join us on the day, learn with us, and show your support for Ireland’s natural heritage. This event is free to attend and open to families.