Backyard Bioblitz 2024

Wondering what that plant is? Who that insect is visiting your flowers? Maybe you’ve seen an unknown bird at your feeder, or strange creatures at your local waterway or park. Explore your local area to discover fabulous flora and fauna! Our ecologists and wildlife experts will identify it for you!

Take part online: Tag us throughout Biodiversity Week and we will let you know what you’ve found!

Use #BackyardBioblitz and tag us on Instagram @national.biodiversity.week or Twitter/X @IrishEnvNet.

Take it a step further: Help wildlife conservation by submitting your finds to the National Biodiversity Database. Find out how to do this here.

Find an in-person event: There are lots of local Bioblitzes happening around the country. Many of them are directly helping biodiversity in the area by recording what exists to create a baseline of information that can be used to protect wildlife in the future. Find a local event by filtering the Events Calendar to include ‘Bioblitz’, or visit our Bioblitz page here.