May 18, 2022 @ 8:00 pm – 10:30 pm
Wildlife in Buildings: Linking our built and natural heritage @ online
A visual presentation on our built and natural heritage, featuring wildlife that live in buildings and how to protect and appreciate them.

A visual presentation to celebrate the wildlife which have taken up residence in the built environment, and to showcase some of our most iconic wildlife species which are reliant on buildings for their survival. Breaking down the barriers that only people live in buildings, and wildlife lives in “nature”, through amazing footage and case studies this presentation will show that for as long as people have built structures for protection and shelter, wildlife has taken advantage of these buildings for the very same reasons. Many species of wildlife are now reliant on buildings for their survival and this shows how important it is to ensure that we protect them when buildings are being changed or renovated and also as modern buildings replace older stone structures which provide nesting and roosting space for a diverse range of wildlife, that we continue to make space for nature. There are many inspiring stories of people that have gone to great lengths to create artificial nesting and roosting spaces for wildlife and even share their own homes with birds and mammals.

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