Biodiversity in and around Ireland’s rivers, lakes and coastal waters is highly important as these ecosystems support a wide range of species and provide numerous ecosystem services. Ireland’s rivers and ponds are home to a diverse range of flora and fauna, including freshwater fish, insects, crustaceans, and aquatic plants.

Biodiversity is an indicator of the health of the river ecosystem, across Inishowen the IRT records stream invertebrates, invasive species, plant species, mammal species etc. This talk, hosted by IRT Co-Founder and Project Manager Dr. Trish Murphy, will introduce biodiversity for rivers, lakes and coastal waters.

Additionally the IRT have worked to map and raise awareness of 6 types of invasive species in Inishowen and have engaged communities in tackling invasive species on Bredagh River, Crana River, Culdaff River and Glennagannon River through balsam bashes and training. In 2021 we recorded the distribution of Japanese knotweed on the Glennagannon River and engaged a soils consultant to trial a novel organic approach to treating plants on trial plots. This work will also be introduced during this event.

The event will walk along the River Finn into Drumboe Woods hearing about local efforts to being made to conserve and restore biodiversity.


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