May 21, 2021 @ 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Bat Conservation Ireland
Using Heterodyne Bat Detectors @ Online
Introduction to using heterodyne bat detectors, where to find further resources and the Limerick Bat Group detector loan scheme.

This is the second event during biodiversity week by Limerick Bat Group “Using heterodyne bat detectors” . During this session we will introduce participants to using a bat detector to identify common and soprano pipistrelle, Leisers and Daubentons bats. We will show them how to use the bat detector and they will use the detector to record bats in their area. This can be included as part of their tidy towns application under biodiversity if relevant. This will also provide valuable additional data on bats in Limerick and the records will be submitted to the NBDC as well as on the online Google form for Limerick Bat Group. We will also direct attendees on where to buy bat detectors, what to look for, where to find further information on identifying bats including online resources and training courses. We will discuss the Limerick Bat Group bat detector loan scheme and how it will progress based on interest.

These events will be fully covid compliant as participants can do the training online and the bat detectors will be posted out to the participants.

After the training the participants can self- direct but we will support through our bat group facebook page. We might set up a whatsapp group for those loaning detectors also.