There will be a talk delivered on the importance of Biodiversity in your local area, by Mark Gavin from Teagasc. He discuss the recently discovered rare flora and fauna in the area of Bracknagh and the importance of biodiversity in our area.. Following on from this we will have a talk and practical demonstration from a horticulturalist on pollinator friendly flowers. She will explain which pollinator friendly flowers are best to put in your window boxes and hanging baskets. In her talk she will provide tips and ideas on how best to attract our bees, butterflies and insects to our gardens and community areas. Everyone was is encouraged and welcomed to come along and join us in this exciting Biodiversity event in Bracknagh Community Hall. We are also providing a workshop to the local National school through the Heritage Council Specialists. The children will learn about the bees and important work of our bugs and insects in relation to biodiversity.


If you have any questions about this event, you can contact Mary Crotty – 0863750521 or Mary Briody – 0876380941.