Join TalamhBeo Lighthouse farm Soil Socials for Biodiversity week 2023.

Talamh Beo is building a network of Lighthouse farms in the 46 water catchment area’s of Ireland. From the 1st 16 farms established through the “Soil Biodiversity & Enhancement EIP project” they are growing a network of local farms (hubs), where on the farm education around soil biodiversity and its effect on water quality are core elements. Manna Organic Farm, Cloughjordan Community Farm and Cloncannon Biofarm are some of the growing Talamh Beo Lighthouse Farm Network.

Starting with the soil is key, as the diversity of our soils is intricately linked to above ground biodiversity. These Lighthouse Farm experiences will focus on celebrating the diversity of soil and exploring the critical role of soil health in promoting biodiversity, food sovereignty, and climate resilience.

Manna Organic Organic Farm:

Will host Transition Kerry, From the Ground Up and TalamhBeo for a Biodiversity week 2023 walk.

Friday 19th May – 11am -1pm.

Gleann Na nGealt, Camp, Tralee, Co Kerry V92cdk1

Organic food is simply food as it used to be. Modern crop farming has become massively industrialised with the widespread use of artificial pesticides, herbicides and fertilisers. This enormous over-use of chemicals damages our environment, our waterways, and our biodiversity.

Organic farming involves the long-term management and care of the land, so that the soil is left richer and more fertile with each passing season. It is the ethical, natural way of producing food without debilitating the environment.

Come Join us @mannaorgnaincfarm for a walk around our 25 acre organic farm. See how we work with nature and build biodiversity, while producing food for our own farm shop in Tralee.

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