Coastwatch is piloting a new theme – Cool Biodiverse Blue  Carbon (CBBC) into its 2023 Biodiversity fieldtrips and events around UN World Biodiversity Day May 22nd

From May 18th to 28th we will be exploring  the coastal rim from barely land through intertidal to shallow sublittoral. It includes our beautifully flowering saltmarshes and rare coastal wet woodlands and bogs, intertidal mudflats and peat, mussel and seagrass beds and meadows, kelp forests.

Join us for a free fieldtrip near you to identify these habitats, look into their biodiversity and carbon storage value, share observations on habitat health and historic presence, consider pressures, protection and restoration. Results from fieldtrips will be pooled to draft a first CBBC leaflet for Irish shores. Participant local and traditional knowledge on wise use and protection is particularly welcome.

Field Trip #3

School Fieldtrip  to meet and celebrate island shore plants and animals on World Biodiversity Day.

Official opening by John Gormley, Karin Dubsky, Enda Conneely

To book contact:

Chloe Ní Mháille,

083 085 1695

Karin Dubsky

086 8111684