Do you want to learn how to collect native tree seeds in your locality and use them to grow trees? Come along to the Castleblayney Community Gardens & Allotments where John McKeon will be hosting a native tree workshop.

All the trees growing in John’s nursery are from seeds collected in and around County Monaghan, and he will be sharing his experience in (1) identifying and collecting seeds; (2) seed bed preparation, which is particularly relevant in heavy clay soils like we have in our county; and (3) seed storage, stratification and sowing, as required by the different seeds for successful propagation.

John will also highlight good tree nursery management and problems that can arise. The species he has growing are Hawthorn, Blackthorn, Buckthorn, Wild Cherry, Bird Cherry, Crab Apple, Alder, Elm, Hazel, Holly, Oak, Rowan, Spindle, Guelder Rose, and Willow.

Date: 21st May

Time:  2pm

Limited spaces

Location: Castleblayney Community Gardens and Allotments (Eircode A75W773)

Booking  is essential please email to book your place