Nature Forum reflections, inputs from Topaz Shrestha’s & Usna Keating, with discussion on how to speed up building back biodiversity.

Join us for this local community event as part of Biodiversity Week 2023 to get feedback on the work of the Nature Forum and discuss how we can work together to protect and restore biodiversity in Cork and further afield.

What can you expect on the day?

Held in Nano Nagle Place in Cork City on 20th May 2023 from 2-4pm, there will be a number of short presentations from people across Cork working in the area of environmental well-being and biodiversity protection, including Bernie Connolly from Cork Environmental Forum, Niamh Guiry from UCC Green Campus, UCC PhD Researcher Topaz Shrestha on the eco-psychology and the connection between human and environmental health, amongst others.

There will also be brainstorming and planning sessions to help outline priority areas of local concern and how we can take action together. Attendees will be divided into groups and asked to participate in a number of facilitated discussions around key issues related to nature conservation and promotion.

This event is an open space to facilitate sharing from and amongst local groups and people on what the work they have been doing, discussing and inspiring each other on how we can #buildbackbiodiversity in Cork City. This is also a great opportunity to meet some of the new faces taking on key roles in the City Council, including Usna Keating, Biodiversity Officer, who will support local communities in their efforts to conserve our precious biodiversity.

Everyone is welcome to attend.

Location: Nano Nagle Place, Cork

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