Join the Rediscovery Centre on the 22nd of May at 1.30pm for a FREE family friendly event to find out how bees make honey and how you can make your own little bee hotel. This event is kindly supported by the IEN.

During this online event Audrey will teach you about how bees make their honey and she will also take you on a virtual tour of our roof garden to show you all of our bee-friendly plants. On the way she will collect materials to show you how to make a 5 Star Bee Hotel. You will also need a plastic bottle that you may have in your green bin.

If you would like to make the bee hotel with Audrey, children will need help from your parent and guardian. The materials needed are:
-Scissors-Stanley type knife
– Eco tape/sticky tape
– Toilet roll tubes approx 12 or cardboard
– Twigs/Sticks – (skinny easy to break)
– String/twine 2′ approx- Plastic Bottle (standard size bottle not large)