May 14, 2022 @ 11:00 am
Poppintree Park
Get to Know Your Weeds @ Poppintree Park
See “weeds” with new eyes as we explore their many values for biodiversity and us humans too!

We invite you to join us for this free outdoor event in Poppintree Park, Balbutcher Lane, Dublin, to mark Biodiversity Week 2022. During this hands-on exploratory session, we will learn a bit more about the most common, resilient and important plants we see in our urban environments. We’ll learn about the value of ‘weeds’ for biodiversity as well as their value to humans as food and medicine. You’ll even get a chance to prepare and try some teas and nibbles made from wild weeds.

Register: https://www.eventbrite.ie/e/get-to-know-your-weeds-tickets-328976596857