Join Sonairte on our Nature Trail  on the banks of the River Nanny to learn all about our Irish woodlands. Tadeusz  holds a degree in horticulture and a degree in woodland and forestry management with many years of experience working in Ireland and Poland.

1. Woodland structure and eco-systems 

2. How to recognize, describe  and identify forest trees and bushes3. A tip on how to avoid becoming lost in the wild.

3. Woodland creatures and insects

4. Conservation, use and care of trees and woodlands Encounters with forest insects: bark beetles, which are small, attractive, and devastating to forest monocultures. Description, structure, biology, and curiosity are all included.

5. Plus some tips on how to avoid becoming lost in the wild! 


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Location: Sonairte – the National Ecology Centre, The Ninch, A92 D9XH, Laytown, Meath