Cloughjordan Ecovillage in partnership with Cloughjordan Community Farm and Cloncannon Biofarm present:

For the Birds! Better management of hedgerows for biodiversity.

Would you love to learn more about the wonderful hedgerows that surround us- and how to help them thrive for nature? Then catch the video For the Birds! Better management of hedgerows for biodiversity, which premieres Sunday 22nd May on the justmultimedia youtube channel.

This video, shot on location in Cloughjordan ecovillage, will feature organic farmer Sean O Farrell (from Moneygall) walking and talking along the hedgerows that bound the ecovillage.  These hedgerows border crop fields, livestock fields, residential back gardens and the horticultural community farm on site, so represent a variety of relevant hedgerow management situations.  There are amenity, foraging and biodiversity considerations for all of these hedgerows, with this video focusing on biodiversity in particular.

Watch and listen to Sean as he guides a walking conversation with a volunteer who cares for these hedgerows. During this socially-distanced stroll, the pair discuss what’s in the hedgerows along different parts of the ecovillage perimeter, and explore what – if anything – needs to be done to help optimise their biodiversity potential. Sean also uses some of these hedgerows as exemplars to help explain how you too can bring more biodiversity into your own hedgerows.

Sean has abundant hedgerows on his own farm in Moneygall, which he carefully curates to help biodiversity blossom – in and around these bushy corridors, all manner of flora and fauna flourish.

This is a free event and is available for anyone watch on the justmultimedia youtube channel from 22nd May.

This event will follow all covid-19 guidelines, and will therefore not be an in-person public event on site.

Cloughjordan ecovillage is a 67 acre site in the midlands, near the Tipperary-Offaly border. Cloughjordan Community farm is member owned and operated and grows veg agroecologically for  dozens of families. Sean O Farrell runs Cloncannon Biofarm near Moneygall, also on the Tipperary-Offaly broader.  For more on Sean and Hedgerows watch this.