Lighthouse Farm Experience – Illuminating Soil Health and Biodiversity

Talamh Beo is building a network of Lighthouse farms in the 46 water catchment area’s of Ireland. From the 1st 16 farms established through the “Soil Biodiversity & Enhancement EIP project” they are growing a network of local farms (hubs), where on the farm education around soil biodiversity and its effect on water quality are core elements. Cloughjordan Community Farm and Cloncannon Biofarm are two of the latest farms to join the Talamh Beo Lighthouse Farm Network. 

Starting with the soil is key, as the diversity of our soils is intricately linked to above ground biodiversity. These Lighthouse Farm experiences will focus on celebrating the diversity of soil and exploring the critical role of soil health in promoting biodiversity, food sovereignty, and climate resilience.

As we take a leisurely walk through the fields and hedgerows, we’ll have the opportunity to learn from farmers and local food practitioners about agroecology and biodiversity. Through facilitated conversations and dialogues, we hope to create a social and celebratory atmosphere that will inspire you to take action to protect and enhance biodiversity on your own farm or in your own community.

Cloncannon Biofarm

Cloncannon Biofarm, located on the western slopes of the Devils’ Bit Mountains in Tipperary, is a farm committed to the principles of organic food production and enhancing natural habitats. Run by Sean O’ Farrell, the farm keeps bees, organic free-range chickens, organic beef, organic pigs, and grows vegetables and soft fruits. Since opening its doors to the public in 2013, Cloncannon Biofarm has been offering educational food tours to various groups, including schools, farmer groups, and youth development groups. The farm’s ultimate goal is to increase species and habitat diversity while providing nutrient-dense food and re-connecting people to nature.


Cloncannon Biofarm, Cloncannon, Moneygall, Co. Tipperary, E53 AE27