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Winning Images – Biodiversity Photographer of the Year

Publication: The Irish Times

Annual awards of the Irish Environmental Network celebrates National Biodiversity Week.

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Get closer to nature on National Biodiversity Week

Publication: The Independent

National Biodiversity Week, 2017, commences on Friday May 19 and continues up until Sunday 28th May. It presents a great opportunity for people, young and old, to get a sense of the wonderful natural heritage that surrounds and connects us all.

As stated on the National Biodiversity Website (, ‘National Biodiversity Week is about communicating the importance of biodiversity and motivating people to play their part in protecting it. It’s also about entertaining them, showing the fun and wonder that can be found in nature and inspiring people to learn more, see more, do more’.

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Cherishing the diverse treasure of natural world

Publication: The Independent

Kerry’s myriad natural wonders are the focus of a week-long celebration starting on Saturday – and it promises something for everyone.

From the birds of the air and sea to the elusive mammals of our woods and fields to all manner of dazzling insect and plantlife, Biodiversity Week will be looking at seemingly every last facet of the natural world in Kerry, with the emphasis on reminding all of us of just what a treasure trove of delicate biology exists right on our doorstep.

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Local events and photography competition highlights of Biodiversity Week

Publication: The Limerick Post

National Biodiversity Week begins today (Friday, May 19) and will feature over 50 free events all across the country, celebrating Ireland’s diverse species and natural habitats.

Created to encourage people to get outdoors, connect with nature and celebrate the variety of flora, fauna and habitats on our doorsteps,  National Biodiversity Week is organised by the Irish Environmental Network (IEN) and is supported by the National Parks and Wildlife Service.

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Five ways to become a Citizen Scientist during National Biodiversity Week 2017

Publication: The Green News

Ireland’s National Biodiversity Week is nearly upon us!

Over the course of ten days –  19th – 28th May 2017 – over 50 free events will be taking place all across the country celebrating Ireland’s diverse species and natural habitats.

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Plenty planned for Kildare’s Biodiversity Week

Publication: Leinster Leader

Biodiversity week kicks off this Saturday May 20 in Kildare, and there’s plenty of entertainment for all the family.

Biodiversity Week, which runs until May 28 and is supported by Kildare County Council, is a great opportunity for people to get out and find out more about nature and wildlife in the Lilywhite county.

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Explore the Coast on National Biodiversity Week (19th – 28th May)

Publication: CoastMonkey

Explore the wonders of the Irish coast with National Biodiversity Week which starts on Friday 19th and runs until the 28th May.

The nine-day event sees 50 free events taking place all around the country to explore, educate and motivate people to take an interest and protect the nature that surrounds us.

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Biodiversity photography competition

Publication: NewsFour

Ireland’s National Biodiversity week kicks off this Friday 19th May with over 50 free events taking place across the country, celebrating Ireland’s diverse species and natural habitats.

From bat walks and urban beekeeping to whale watching and eco-village tours, there will be no shortage of activities, with all events free of charge, and most suitable for children.

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